DK Gantry

Easily move printing machines and other heavy equipment.

Key aspects

DK Gantry L/XL

The DK Gantry is designed for moving printing machines and perfect for moving other heavy equipment. With the DK Gantry you can easily install all kind of machines within milimetres of accuracy.


With this gantry, you only need one man to put together units for the printing machine. At the same time it is an easy, safe and very fast way to do it. The DK Gantry is developed in close cooperation with leading transport compagnies in Scandinavia. To get the best and most safe installation of all kind of printing machines.


If you have any questions or finds this gantry right for your job, please press the “contact”-button in the menu. You can always contact DK Gantry, if you have a job where you have to move a machine the easy way! We know how to help you, and we would like to hear from you