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DK Gantry ApS is a danish company with danish traditions for design and quality. Our products are developed in close collaboration with our costumers, so it fulfills their needs and contributes to increased earnings.  


Our products is developed in close coorporation with the danish company Kruse Maskintransport, who is the leading company in Scandnavia when it comes to moving and  assembling printing machines, The DK Gantry was developed after many years of  experience with moving and installing printing machines all over Europe. Installation of printing machines is easy, if you work with the DK Gantry – and you save a lot of time. You only need one man to put together the units for a printing machines, it is easy and safe at the same time.


When you install a printing machine you do not want to make any compromises. With DK Gantry you lift the unit from the pallet and drive it to the final destination. While the unit is still hanging you can level and slide it the last 100 mm with a controlled soft movement. 100 % precise assembling.


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